HVAC essentials...designed, built and delivered right every time
 We have all the essentials you need for a solid
HVAC foundation on the rooftop

  • Full suite of roof curbs and adapters
  • Wide variety of specialized curbs:
    • Vibration isolation
    • Seismic-rated
    • Wind-rated
  • Field-installable economizers
  • Air management add-ons
  • Custom design and field services


Designed right by experienced engineers to meet all environmental, safety, and code requirements.

Built right by experienced craftsmen with high quality materials for easy installation and long life.

Delivered right by an experienced sales and support team
 committed to responsive service from quote through installation.

Every Time is our relentless commitment to do it right from 
the start...design to factory to distributor to contractor. 


Learn more about Cambridgeport's 35-year record of experience, knowledge and quality.

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